You can do a lot of your basic banking at the Post Office now. Cash withdrawals with your card, up to your daily limit can be done at any time. Cash deposits via your chip and pin card will reach your account instantly if your bank provides this service.

If your bank allows, a cash deposit can also be made using a cash deposit slip, which is provided  to you. This method will take slightly longer to reach your account than the chip card which is instantaneous. Cheque deposits can be made using the same slip, which needs to be placed in a branded envelope. We do carry most of these envelopes in the branch. We can accept these envelopes containing your cheque and slip, give you a receipt and forward this securely to your bank.

Business banking deposits, withdrawals and change giving services are also available at the Post Office. If your bank takes part in this, you will be provided with all the necessary deposit books, bank cards and change giving cards to allow us to process the transaction.

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