The  Mask

The Mask

The Mask

Well we’re proud of our customers this week! You’ve all done really well with the social distancing without us bossing you about too much!


Now that we’ve increased our opening hours, we hope that the queues will be less scary for you ( and for us).

Thank you all for your continued support, we do really appreciate it, and we need you!


We have to say, though, that this teddy bear could teach some people a thing or two about wearing a mask. It can be uncomfortable, especially if your mask doesn’t fit too well, and if you wear glasses they do tend to steam up.

However, taking your mask off to cough or sneeze, is defeating the purpose, as is wearing it around your neck like a scarf!

Some people have some unique alternatives, like scarves wrapped around their face, or a loose tee shirt that can be pulled up to cover the nose and mouth.

A very kind lady has been busy making some colourful face masks, which we have to give away to people who may need them.

Keep up the good work everyone, we’re getting there!



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